Collaborative business tools

A suite of online collaboration tools allowing you to manage your team with ease.


An online quotation tool allowing you to quickly create quotes with ease.


An online scheduling tool to effortlessly assign projects and tasks to identify opportunities.


Time tracking software delivering detailed reports against projects, features and tasks.


Easily raise new invoices and keep track of billing with the invoice tool.
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  • Online Collaboration All information is accessible from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for distributed teams and remote working.

  • Instant Insight With a variety of dashboards and screens, you can quickly and easily get to the data that you need.

  • No Install Needed We manage your account, so you don’t need to worry about paying for and setting up servers, maintenance or backup.

  • Instant Account Activation Start managing your business straight away with no fuss.

  • Great Support An award-winning team is on hand to help improve your processes.

  • Only pay for what you use Mix’n’match from a range of tools for a bespoke solution.

What's in the Suite?

Each account comes with the core functionality as standard, including projects, teams, clients and users.

You can then add the collaboration tools you require so you only pay for what you need.

  • Quote

    Rapidly create quotes through an intuitive interface, automatically calculate the project cost based on your service types, and easily convert the results into a document that can be presented to clients.

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  • schedule

    Easily co-ordinate multiple user and team schedules in a single calendar view. Clear, centralised dashboards provide detailed information for efficient and effective project management.

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  • track

    Track your and your team’s time against projects quickly and with ease, and gain immediate insight into project progress with a variety of detailed reports that connect activity to individual features and tasks.

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  • invoice

    Create payment profiles for your project based on schedule time and generate invoices based on actual tracked time, allowing you to gain useful reporting to see what payments are expected and have been sent.

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Pete Fry Account Manager Being on top of scheduling is critical for any account manager. FleetSuite turns what can be a time consuming task into a beautifully simple one which can be checked with ease throughout even the busiest working day.
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